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bryan L.O. ardoin

platinum agent

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Phone: (409) 332-7207


Fax Number: (281) 741-4504

If you seek to buy, lease, or rent a house, I have a fiery interest to help you do just that! I am a platinum real estate agent, licensed since 2016. I began working as a realtor in 2020, and I have already satisfactorily helped numerous clients actualize their dreams. The dash to look for a property you desire to rent or lease can be draining, same as looking for a willing buyer and sell at the right price can be daunting. I come in perfectly handy in such instances. I put myself on the line to ensure that you have met your desires with the least of trouble.

 I am most passionate about meeting a client’s expectations, sometimes beating them even. I guide you carefully and tactfully through the process, each step at a time. I get ecstatic on seeing that look of satisfaction on the client’s face when we finalize the process and even more enthralled when a good relationship with a client ensues. That sends me whistling sweetly all the way home.

 Regarding a seller, I fully exploit the social media platforms and social networks at my disposal, all to have you put the JUST SOLD banner in your compound. It is very comforting to know someone is thinking about your needs and won’t rest until he settles them. With me, you rest easy knowing that you have found that person already. I crown my commitment to you with excellent customer service that you can’t help but look for me next time you are in need. After attending to you, I indulge myself in martial arts, reading, fishing, traveling, learning Options, and Forex.

 A reliable licensed realtor who goes out of his way and set himself apart, I offer the perfect solutions. Count on me anytime of the day, at for all your real estate concerns.